With Mathina’s help, I was able to bring my collection of 50 personal essays to a new level. The essays are still mine, only better, with clearer writing and more depth. She doesn’t pull any punches, but I found her constructive comments and suggestions to be consistent and easy to understand and apply. Moreover, they will serve as guideposts for future writing.
— Adrienne Dern, coaching client
Mathina recognized my passion for writing and became a loving writing coach who taught me so much. She attentively read my manuscript chapter by chapter and word by word, providing priceless feedback and questions. The book came to life. The skills along with love and honesty she pours into her work has made me a much better writer and has been a great motivation for me to keep writing.
— Shabnam Curtis, author, My Persian Paradox
It’s always such a breath of fresh air to go into one of Mathina’s workshops and talk about and analyze and come to love the parts of our lives and selves that society doesn’t leave room for us to talk about. Every time, she’s so supportive and gives really insightful feedback. She’s great at what she does!
— Allan Regis, Founder, Prodigy Rings
Though it takes a village for a writer to take a novel over the finish line, Mathina was far and away the single most impactful person in my writing process. I hired her because I needed someone to hold me accountable in the process, to enforce deadlines, and to push me to write my best work. She provided all this for me in a straightforward, no-nonsense way. She has an uncanny ability to identify weaknesses that I knew existed but couldn’t quite put my finger on. Her help was immeasurable, and she is on my list of my favorite people who help provide me with tools to be a better version of myself. Finally, I love that Mathina did not blow sunshine up my ass. I didn’t hire her to tell me my manuscript was great. I hired her to get honest feedback so I could have a sparkling draft. She’s the best!
— Rachael Eckles, Author, Celeste Trilogy
Mathina took an outline, a list of references, and a tight schedule and returned succinct and accurate work meeting all of the instructional objectives that complemented other course material seamlessly. I really enjoyed reading her work, and the leadership team, consisting of scientists who have built their entire careers around studying the topic, returned only minor technical changes. I really appreciate her effort and speed and look forward to working with her again in the future.
— Coleman Tharpe, Head of Instruction, Disco Learning Media
I toss my rough drafts and verbal concepts over to Mathina and she returns Hemingway for the hopeless. Grammar fixed? Check. Easy to understand? Check. Nice sequence and flow? Doublecheck. Mathina is my go-to person for anything written. She really loves this stuff and can geek out over the proper use of a comma.
— Arthur Coleman, CEO, U.S. Care
I knew I needed help with the details but was nervous about someone changing my meaning and voice. Matti understood. She gave superb edits and suggestions, and she asked great questions. Her support is now an integral part of what we do.
— Andy Hegedus, Founder, Demosophia
This is simply excellent work. If I had a quarter for every time I said that, I would have exactly 25 cents to my name. Thank you for your clean writing.
— Shelene Waters, Catapult Learning
I liked your memoir class enormously. I’ve only participated in half-dozen or so similar classes, but yours was significantly more engaging and helpful. Under your enthusiastic leadership we reflected, disputed, learned, grew.
— Paul O'Shea, student
You have been a great inspiration to me, and your listening skills translated to sensitive criticism.
— Jessica Hodge, student