You're a writer. You have great manuscript, or an almost-great manuscript, or a great idea. You need help with next steps. You need accountability, direction. You need to bounce ideas off of someone who will get it—and more. I can help. Together, we can spin your ideas into gold.  Your first session's free.

How It Works

Each client's coaching needs are slightly different, but every writer needs accountability, encouragement, and honest, skillful feedback. By hiring a coach, you make an investment—of money, and time—in your project. You signal to yourself that it has real value to you, and your unconscious reads this signal loud and clear. Be prepared for your writing to really take off.

If you're writing, it matters. You have a story to tell, something others need to know, whether it's about your life, your passion, your business, or something else you care about. 

Becoming a better writer in a group setting, whether it's a workshop or a writer's group, is a really great start. But, like any kind of group learning, it has a Goldilocks problem. For some students, the material presented will be too hard. For some it will be too easy. For a few lucky ones, it'll be just right. Those lucky students are in what Lev Vygotsky calls the "zone of proximal development"—the Goldilocks zone. 

With coaching, as with any one-on-one learning, you're always in the Goldilocks zone, because your coach is constantly assessing precisely where you are and adjusting instruction and feedback accordingly. Students in the zone progress quickly because the lessons and feedback contain an interesting, enjoyable challenge. This produces growth.

When you hire me, we'll start with a call (your first session is on me, no obligation), and then you'll send me pages to read and respond to. I'll send them back to you with comments, instruction, resources, and suggestions. We can schedule phone or Skype sessions to discuss, or we can communicate principally via email, depending on your preferred working style. We keep this up for as long or as little as you find it valuable. My rate is $140/hour.

Let's do it.